Multi-agent architecture and framework that eases the development and the operation of large-scale, distributed applications and services.

Lightweight multi-agent architecture and framework that simplifies the development of applications for different kind of devices.


Intuitive and extensible monitor for controlling distributed multi-agent infrastructures at runtime.

Well-equipped BPMN editor, powerful multi-language transformation and workflow simulator.

SeMa2 – a Hybrid Semantic Service Matching Approach

The book chapter "SeMa2 – a Hybrid Semantic Service Matching Approach" will be released within the book “Semantic Web Services – Advancement through Evaluation” in May 2012 by Springer ( The chapter presents SeMa2, a service matching component that is able to compare and rank OWL-S service descriptions to a variety of attributes, such as input/output parameters, preconditions and effects.

Authors: Nils Masuch, Benjamin Hirsch, Michael Burkhardt, Axel Heßler and Sahin Albayrak

Abstract: The SeMa2 software module is a hybrid semantic service matchmaker based on OWL-S service descriptions and SWRL rules that participated in the S3 Contests 2008 to 2010. It provides syntactical as well as semantical matching techniques. Besides classifying input and output parameters it offers an approach to precondition and effect rule matching and reasoning. In this chapter we describe the architecture and the workflow of our approach and the results that have been evaluated during the last S3 Contest and with experimental test runs. Finally, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of our implementation and propose future steps on our work.

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