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ASGARD Release 2.2

We are happy to announce the release of ASGARD version 2.2.
ASGARD 2.2 is built for the recent release of JIAC 5.1.2. Most important changes are the extended GUI options for plugins and more ability icons for agents. Furthermore, the JIAC Directory Plugin is now integrated into the release package.

Get the new version from here.

Jakob & Silvan

Changes since ASGARD 2.1:

New features:

  • Icon for HAI (human agent interface) agents. 
  • Icon for cloud testbed controller agents. 

Fixed Bugs:

  • Automatic camera detachment when entities are removed. 
  • Fixed problem of ctrl key sticking when losing and regaining window focus. 
  • Fixed possible NPE in communication channel management. 
  • Fixed possible NPE when reading directory contents from certain node configurations. 
  • Plugin Tabs get removed when the attached entity disconnects. 
  • Fixed problem of node labels flickering between one and two line version when moving attached camera. 
  • Better management of agent connections to avoid duplicate agent visuals. 


  • File chooser dialog for plugins uses current work directory instead of user home. 
  • Added property asgard.suppress.jme.log to disable JME log output when debugging. 
  • Using AWT multiclick property as double click threshold instead of own constant. 
  • Plugins can now have tabs by implementing the TabPaneProvider interface. 
  • Plug-In compatibility is re-checked when Agentbeans of an agent change. 

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