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ASGARD 2.7 Released

We are proud to announce the release of ASGARD version 2.7. This version is built upon JIAC release 5.2.1.
ASGARD 2.7 now has a white list filter function that enables you to display only specified Agent Nodes.
Furthermore, the usage of JConsole is now easier when trying to log in into those JIAC entities requiring a password
authentication for the JMX interface. An additional window appears to display the JMX URL necessary for logging in with the JConsole.
ASGARD was also extended for persisting the entries of the RMI URL registry list. This list is accessible
through the JIAC V tab.
Moreover, these bugs are fixed in this version: an IP4/6 issues with MACs and the “Show Communication” checkbox (accessible
through the JIAC V tab).

A complete list of changes can be found in the changelog contained in the release package.

Download the new version from the ASGARD project page and enjoy watching your JIAC agents at work!

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