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ASGARD 2.4 Released

We are very happy to announce the release of ASGARD 2.4. The new version is built for the recently released version 5.1.5 of JIAC. Main new feature is the integration of searching abilities that allow to search for property values of any entity displayed by ASGARD. Also, the visualization of different types of communication by color schemes from the last beta is now part of the release.

A complete list of changes can be found in the changelog contained in the release package.

Download the new version from the ASGARD project page and enjoy watching your JIAC agents at work!

Note to mac users: If you are using Java 7, you might experience that after maximizing the ASGARD main window, mouse over texts will not appear over entities and behavior on mouse clicks is erratic. This is caused by a bug in the OSX version of the Java 7 JVM. Normal behavior can be restored by clicking the window title or switching to another application window and back. We hope that this bug will be fixed in future releases of Java 7.

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