Multi-agent architecture and framework that eases the development and the operation of large-scale, distributed applications and services.

Lightweight multi-agent architecture and framework that simplifies the development of applications for different kind of devices.


Intuitive and extensible monitor for controlling distributed multi-agent infrastructures at runtime.

Well-equipped BPMN editor, powerful multi-language transformation and workflow simulator.


micro_JIAC_Logo_03Note: As of 2013-06-12, MicroJIAC can be freely extended on GitHub.

MicroJIAC is a lightweight agent architecture and framework that eases the development of applications for different kind of devices. It is Java-based and supports the Java 2 Platform Standard and Micro Edition (J2ME/J2SE).


  • is runnable on devices of different categories. The field of application reaches from heavily constrained embedded and mobile devices, to more powerful desktop and server systems.
  • allows the implementation of scalable and device independent agents. This means that is hides platform specific capabilities and provides a basic abstraction layer.
  • eases agent development and provides build and deployment utilities.
  • offers a communication infrastructure which abstracts from specific network and transport protocols.


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