Multi-agent architecture and framework that eases the development and the operation of large-scale, distributed applications and services.

Lightweight multi-agent architecture and framework that simplifies the development of applications for different kind of devices.


Intuitive and extensible monitor for controlling distributed multi-agent infrastructures at runtime.

Well-equipped BPMN editor, powerful multi-language transformation and workflow simulator.

JIAC in Action: PIA

PIA, the Personal Information Assistant currently under development by DAI-Labor, is powered by the JIAC platform and makes excessive use of JIAC’s distribution and communication features. What this means can be seen in this image, which shows what is happening between JIAC agents and Agent Nodes when PIA is at work.

ASGARD Screenshot of […]

JIAC 5.1.4 Released

The JIAC Developer team is proud to announce the release of JIAC 5.1.4. The new version features various stability improvements, dependency updates and bug fixes. Furthermore, new features have been added to support building large scale applications.

As usual, JIAC 5.1.4 is available for maven integration from our dai-open maven repositories.

Enjoy working with agents!


Bugfix Release: ASGARD 2.3.1

As the recent update of Java 6 for Mac OS X (Java 1.6.0 Update 51 / Java for OSX 2013-04) turned out to be incompatible with ASGARD 2.3. we have decided to release a fixed version of ASGARD for all users running Java 6 on Max OS X. Mac users that have already migrated to […]

ASGARD 2.3 Released

We are glad to announce the release of ASGARD version 2.3, built to support JIAC 5.1.3. This release of ASGARD is finally able to support Java 7 on OSX by using LWJGL 2.9.0. All other additions, changes, and bugfixes in the beta versions since 2.2 are included in this release.

Get the new version [here].


Distributed Evolutionary Optimisation for Electricity Price Responsive Manufacturing using Multi-Agent System Technology

Our paper “Distributed Evolutionary Optimisation for Electricity Price Responsive Manufacturing using Multi-Agent System Technology” will be included in the next issue of the International Journal On Advances in Intelligent Systems. In this paper, a distributed optimization system using the JIAC agent framework is presented.

Authors: Tobias Küster, Marco Lützenberger, Daniel Freund, Sahin Albayrak

Abstract: With […]

Semi-Automated Generation of Semantic Service Descriptions

Our paper “Semi-Automated Generation of Semantic Service Descriptions” has been presented at the “Self-Explaining Agents” – Special Session during the PAAMS 2013 conference at Salamanca, Spain. The paper describes an approach of semi-automated enhancement of multi-agent system actions with semantic service descriptions providing a first step towards automated service composition.

Authors: Nils Masuch, Philipp Brock, […]

Engineering Industrial Multi-Agent Systems: The JIAC V Approach

Our paper “Engineering Industrial Multi-Agent Systems: The JIAC V Approach” will be presented at the Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (EMAS) Workshop during the AAMAS 2013 conference at St. Paul, MN, USA. This paper describes JIAC V and its features aiming towards industrial requirements in greater depth than our paper “JIAC V – A MAS Framework for […]

Industrial Process Optimisation with JIAC (Demonstration)

A demonstration how JIAC V is used in a research project application will be held during AAMAS 2013 in St. Paul, MN, USA. The demonstration shows an application that attempts to optimize the energy consumption during industrial production processes, which is built upon the JIAC V framework. The demonstration will be held on May 9th, […]

JIAC V – A MAS Framework for Industrial Applications

Our paper “JIAC V – A MAS Framework for Industrial Applications” will be presented at AAMAS 2013 in St Paul, MN, USA. In this paper, we provide a basic overview on JIAC V and describe how it meets the requirements of industrial applications.

Authors: Marco Lützenberger, Tobias Küster, Thomas Konnerth, Alexander Thiele, Nils Masuch, Axel […]

JIAC at CeBIT 2013

CeBIT 2013 opens it’s doors from 05. until 09. of march.  We will be presenting several JIAC related projects in the DAI-Labor area at Hall 9, booth G12. Visit us if you are interested in JIAC or related projects! See you in Hannover! – The JIAC Team